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Custom websites and applications save loads of time and take the pain out of upkeep.

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What I Do

Custom Websites

Websites with custom elements and deeper functionality that go beyond what generic templates, themes and page builders can do.

WordPress Plugins

Custom plugins that integrate with your existing website, providing you with deeper functionality beyond what your website can currently do.

Web Applications

CRM's (Customer Relationship Manager), Admin Portals, and more.


Specialized analysis of current processes and systems with the goal of finding or building streamlined software solutions to automate tasks and eliminate pain-points.

Who I Am

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My name is Daniel Lemky and I'm a developer based in Winnipeg, Canada.

I started building websites over 10 years ago. My first website was for a local soccer team that I managed and played for at the time. Funny enough, we actually received an email from an overseas soccer (football) player who was hoping for a tryout for our "prestigious" team. Little did he know that our website looked a lot better than we played.

I continued to build hobby sites here and there and my enjoyment for building websites eventually evolved into learning a few different programming languages.

And that's what eventually led me to doing this.

I have a passion for clean, well-written code and I love automating processes and developing software solutions that reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks.

Some of My Work


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